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AMAZONIA (English)

Four years ago, all contact with a U.S. medical expedition in the wilderness of the [[Amazon basin]] was lost; a 30-man team declared lost and likely dead. Now one of its members, Gerald Clark, ex-Special Forces, staggers into a mission but dies within hours. He carries identification and is also a CIA operative. Two years before the expedition, his left arm was amputated at the shoulder whilst in Iraq. Photographs of the corpse and finger prints reveal that the arm has grown back perfectly. Unable to comprehend this inexplicable event, the United States CIA establishes a special team to return to this impenetrable secret world of unforeseen perils and to follow the trail of the dead man. On arrival, they enlist Nathan Rand, the son of the leader of lost researchers. A mysterious plague, that threatens the Earth's entire population, leads back to Gerald Clark. This means that the route to the expedition's destination must be discovered at any cost. The nightmare that awaits Rand and the team of scientists and seasoned [[U.S. Army Rangers]] dwarfs any danger they may have anticipated.
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    Descripción: Harper, 2010. Mass Market Paperback. Estado de conservación: Good. Amazonia This book is in good or better condition.

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